Synthetic ATC

For simulation and real-world training


MasterATC™ provides synthetic ATC for simulation and real-world flight training.

In addition to the mobile app, We're integrating the same smart communication technology into an add-on for X-Plane, to bring a new level of immersion for sim users.

What can it do?
Just talk to MasterATC, and it responds like a real controller.

Practice communication for complete flights, or focus on a specific phase.

You can practice all of the communication for an entire flight in a matter of minutes, which means you'll gain valuable radio experience at a much faster rate than if you only practice during your real-world flights.

Smart synthetic ATC makes every flight unique
500+ US civilian airports (and growing)
Uses real airport, frequency and runway data
Uses real-time Metar for active runway selection
Realistic interactions and required readbacks
Optional hint system for guidance

Latest Demo

Picking up Flight Following
Note: The current phraseology in our demos is for rough prototyping only. Before the actual launch, we will be working with a panel of pilots and controllers to make sure all of the phraseology is current and legal. If you're interested in being part of that panel, please let us know.

See more videos on our channel.

Development Phases

This phase has been in progress for some time and is approximately 70% complete.

The state of the system when this phase is complete, will include:
- 500+ US airports including all civilian class B and C, as well as many Class D.
- Synthetic communication with all listed frequencies at each airport, except for CTAF initially.
- Realistic VFR interactions with controllers and required readbacks.
- Ability to practice all phases of VFR flight from departure to arrival, and pattern.
- Optional hint system for guidance.

Things we will fix later:
- Generated Taxi Routes: The initial release of the trainer app will focus on helping pilots learn to listen, write, readback, and act on ATC instructions. Although accurate data will be used for all runways and frequencies, we will need more time to implement accurate data for taxiways and routes between on-site locations. Because of this, your taxi instructions will be generated at random and will not necessarily match the names of taxiways at the real airport. We will be implementing real taxiway data during phase 2 when we release the X-Plane plugin.

- VFR Only: IFR will take some time to implement as it is much more complicated than VFR. We want to release the VFR features so pilots can start using the app soon. We will add IFR during a future phase.

Challenges for this phase:
After launch, we will have the challenge of fine-tuning the speech recognition for the various accents of our users. During our testing we have achieved great accuracy, however this is based on tests by a limited group of individuals, all having a western US accent. To overcome this challenge, we will be implementing a 'calibration' feature that allows the user to perform a series of exercises. The data collected from this interaction will help us to fine-tune the speech recognition for each accent.

The MasterATC BETA will begin when this phase is complete.
Research for this phase is already in progress.

The state of the system when this phase is complete, will include:
- Integration of all features from the trainer app with X-Plane on Windows.
- Accurate on-site locations and taxi routes in progress.
- Online developer community opened so users can contribute.

Things we will work on continually from this point:
- Taxi Routes: When this phase releases, we will include accurate taxi routes and on-site locations for a set of primary airports. Beyond this, we will open the online developer community where users will be able to help us update the remaining airports with accurate taxi routes and locations until we have covered all airports in X-Plane.

This will be all about bringing the solution to iOS and OSX platforms.

The goal is to bring the exact same experience to apple devices, with exception to any deviations required due to the platform differences. We will add more info about these phases as we get closer to implementing them.
These final phases will complete the communication features by adding the ability to practice IFR radio communication in the Trainer apps as well as in the simulator.

We will add more info about these phases as we get closer to implementing them.

Frequently Asked Questions

MasterATC is approximately 70% complete in phase 1(VFR trainer app for Android)
With multiple phases involved, each phase will be completed as time and funding allows, most likely in this order:

Android VFR trainer app
X-Plane VFR app for Windows
iOS VFR trainer app
X-Plane VFR app for OSx
Add IFR features to Android trainer app
Add IFR features to X-Plane plugin for Windows
Add IFR features to iOS trainer app
Add IFR features to X-Plane plugin for OSx
The initial release will be VFR communication only. IFR communication will take longer to implement and we don't want to hold up the release while we work on IFR. IFR features will be released as they reach completion.
Not at this time. We want to build an online community and explore "multi-player" features, but there is much to do before that point. The initial release will be just you and ATC. The next step will be to add some AI traffic to the system for added realism, and then in the future, if the support from the community is there, we will take the necessary steps to go "multi-player."
No, The initial release will focus on ATC communication, so CTAF will not be included. We understand that CTAF is important, but until we implement some AI traffic or "multi-player" features, CTAF wont make much sense, as you'll just be talking to yourself. We might try to add some kind of exercise that helps pilots work on CTAF pattern communications... This is just a thought.

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